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Study Tour in Paris

31 Aug 2014 - 7 Sep 2014

“Bonjour…Paris mon amor!”

That’s how I started my very first visit to France for my study tour.


Musee du Louvre is tricompartmented –namely Richelieu,Sully and Denon .

“Mona Lisa” by Da Vinci. The original’s background is much more bluish tinted than one used to think(as depicted in most arts printing). Seamlessly smooth paint stroke. A skill that I long to have.

Musee D’Orsay-Impressionism-Vincent van Gogh-“La nuit etoilee”. I tried to mimic his technique of small curly strokes with vibrant colors. Predictably randomness. I truly enjoyed his vision. I also attended seminar/teaching session about his techniques and ideas with using bright color.

Musee D’Orangerie-where Monet’s famous “Les Nympheas” rest ! Time well spent in studying the detail of the paint strokes and actual colors combination. Yes! You are right, Monet did not use any black paint. Unpredictably uniformity of harmonized color to the extreme. I was working on a project “Les Nympheas II” en plein air. I will continue to work on it in Canada.

There is always that much to learn and yet that little time we have…


Life is short, Art is long…

“C’est la vie…bon nuit”




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