September 9, 2018

她•故事:“我要用艺术触动你的心灵”,记飘逸灵气的女画家Sophia Gao





第一次见到Sophia创作的Coral Sea系列就有想要收藏的感觉。我喜欢蓝色,喜欢海洋,喜欢充满灵气的艺术作品,Sophia的这个系列似乎一下子满足了我很多的欲望。


April 3, 2016

Epoque String Quartet (Prague)
David Braid (Toronto)

CD/LP Release Concert
Guest visual artist, Sophia Gao (Beijing)


March 25, 2016


"Write down to an agenda especially the chores that you are going to forget!"



Who are you : 

Sophia Gao, full time artist based in Toronto.


Your current job : 

Painter and Photographer


In which city are you located?

Toronto, Canada




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February 7, 2016

Sophia Gao Solo Exhibition opening ceremony by the very Honorable Senator Victor Oh and MP of Unionville Mr Bob Saroya and City Councillor Mr Alan Ho as well as the Westin Prince Hotel sponsor Manager Mr.Rochefort.







April 11, 2015

My oil painting- Yellow Rhythm Series #2 was featured on Artist Project 2015 official video.






February 27, 2015

My oil painting "Qi" is hanging in David Braid's home - a world renowned award winning jazz pianist. It looks fantastic! He said:“your painting has it's own life-- I can feel it in my house.”







February 23, 2015

...because I got to know and meet many great artists in person....

...because I found 3 great owners for  all of my 3 main entries- Yellow Rhythm, QI and Endless...

...because I ENJOY every moment of your patronage and visits and SMILES...